We are committed to the timely diagnosis of your pet.


Pets won’t always tell us what is wrong or where it hurts.

That’s why our hospital is fully equipped with an in-house laboratory and advanced diagnostic equipment. We look forward to getting an in-depth look at your pet’s medical condition as quickly as possible.

In-House Laboratory

Because we are committed to the timely diagnosis of your pet’s medical conditions, Kenai Veterinary Hospital is equipped with an extensive in-house laboratory. We have the capability to do complete red and white blood cell counts and clotting tests in minutes. Our blood chemistry equipment can determine almost two dozen parameters from blood sugar to blood gases that enable us to assess your pet’s internal organ function rapidly. Results are instantly transferred into the patient’s medical record. From centrifugal fecal flotations and urinalyses to parvo testing, we have the capability to quickly diagnose most of the common maladies that affect our local pet population.


With our ECG recorder, we are able to view the electrical output of your pet’s heart by using small, harmless clips (electrodes) that we place on your pet’s skin. This machine allows us to evaluate your pet’s heart rhythm and look for arrhythmias or abnormalities in their heartbeat. We use this technology to monitor our patients’ cardiac function during surgery. If we do suspect an arrhythmia, we can also make tracings of their heart rhythms to transmit to heart specialists for the optimum care of your pet.


A radiograph, or X-ray, is an image captured by passing a small amount of radiation through a part of the body and onto film. This gives us a high-definition image of the interior aspect of a part of the body, such as a limb or chest, and is completely pain-free. Our Sedecal direct digital radiography system allows us to quickly get vital diagnostic images to speed the diagnosis of your pet’s medical condition. This gives us the ability to immediately spot potential problems such as fractures, abnormal growths, or foreign bodies. As all of the images are digitally captured, we can also quickly transfer the images to board-certified radiologists and surgeons for second opinions and referrals when needed.


An ultrasound, or sonogram, is similar to an X-ray in that it provides an image of the interior aspect of your pet. This is a pain-free diagnostic tool that uses sound waves to generate real-time imagery of our patients’ internal functions. With this tool, we can track blood flow to organs, discover bladder stones, or view abnormal fluid accumulation around the heart or lungs. All of our veterinarians are taking continuing education courses in order to better utilize our new high-quality GE ultrasound machine.

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