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Our Story

Dr. Erik Barnes and his wife, Tina, started the Kenai Veterinary Clinic as a part-time practice in 1963. It was located in his A-frame home on the bluff 20 miles north of Kenai. Dr. Dan Lavach, a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology, purchased the practice from Dr. Barnes in 1977 and moved it to mile 16.4 on the north Kenai road. Dr. Richard McCartan purchased the practice from Dr. Lavach in August of 1978 and moved that building to the present location in October of 1981. A new building was built, renamed Kenai Veterinary Hospital, and occupied in October of 1983. The facility’s interior was extensively remodeled in 2005, and an addition to the building with a new roof was completed in 2006. Kenai Veterinary Hospital is the oldest veterinary practice on the Kenai Peninsula and one of the oldest continually operating businesses in the city of Kenai.

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Wellness Care

Through all stages of your pet’s life, we’ll be there to keep them happy and healthy.


Your pet’s dental health is tied to their overall health, and we take it very seriously.


When every second counts, we’ll be there to diagnose and treat your pet as quickly as possible.

"I feel very comfortable taking my dogs to Kenai Veterinary Hospital. KVH has been my go-to veterinary service for almost two decades."

"Everyone is super friendly and helpful. The doctors are professional, knowledgeable, and considerate."

"Routine care, emergency porcupine quill removal, surgeries, etc – Always great care. Highly recommend!"

"The Kenai Veterinary Clinic has been a great place for me to take my dogs for a long time now."