Our caring and compassionate staff

Meet the staff of the Kenai Veterinary Hospital. We’re committed to providing exceptional veterinary care for your family’s pets!

Please call us at 907-283-4148 with any question you may have or to schedule an appointment.


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    Curt Wisnewski DVM

    Dr. Curt Wisnewski grew up on a farm in North Dakota.  He graduated from North Dakota…
  • Glacier Spit Dick & Mickey

    Richard McCartan DVM

    Dick grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa and graduated from the College of Veterinary…
  • Tricia Prine

    Tricia Prine DVM

    Dr. Tricia Prine grew up on a horse farm in Florida. She attended Santa Fe CC and the…
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    Wendy Gruber DVM

    Dr. Gruber grew up in Soldotna and graduated from SOHI.  She received a BS in Natural…

    Hospital Staff

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    Holly Koroll

    Holly Koroll joined the staff at the Kenai Veterinary Hospital in July 2013. Holly, her…
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    Jeannie Young LVT

    Jeannie Young is a licensed veterinary technician and joined KVH in October 2010.  She is…