In House Laboratory

Because we are committed to the timely diagnosis of your pet’s medical conditions, the Kenai Veterinary Hospital  is equipped with an extensive in-house laboratory. We have the capability to do complete red and white blood cell counts and clotting tests in minutes. Our blood chemistry equipment can determine almost two dozen parameters from blood sugar to blood gases that enable us to assess your pet’s internal organ function rapidly. From centrifugal fecal flotations and urinalyses to parvo testing, we have the capability to quickly diagnose most of the common maladies that affect our local pet population.


With our ECG recorder, we can monitor our patient’s cardiac function during surgery or make tracings of their heart rhythms to transmit to heart specialists for the optimum care of your pet. 

Radiology & Ultrasonography

Our direct digital radiograph and ultrasound equipment allow us to quickly get vital diagnostic information to speed the diagnosis of your pet’s medical condition.  We can easily email the images to specialists for second opinions and referrals.

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